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Harold Nashman (1927-2011)


Harold Nashman was born in Toronto in 1927, attended Oakwood Collegiate, the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Law School.

In his last year of law school Harold and his mother Anne “Bubby Nash” Nashman, decided to rent Camp Hiawatha, which became available due to the illness of the director. Anne’s expertise in food preparation and management, combined with Harold’s camp experience, resulted in a successful season and the beginning of a lifetime in camping for Harold.

Harold practiced law for 5 years but at age 30 he took “early retirement” to devote full time to the young but quickly growing Camp Wahanowin. Since it’s opening season in 1955, Wahanowin has expanded in numbers of campers, size of camp site and variety of facilities. Today it is one of the premium camps in Ontario and it continues to strive for the best possible staff, program and facility.

Harold continued to be an enthusiastic camper spending most of his summer at Wahanowin where his love of children and the camp atmosphere remained undiminished.