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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Activities & Programs

Activities are 1 hour in length. The Wahanowin Outdoor Centre provides all the necessary equipment to enable full participation in the program (e.g. helmets, pfd’s, tennis racquets, fishing rods, etc.).

Schools must divide their students into co-ed activity groups based upon 20 to 25 students in each group (25 students being the maximum). How students are split up into the allotted number of activity groups is up to you. For example, if your school is bringing 44 students, you have to divide them into 2 activity groups, ideally with 22 students in each. Many returning schools though, choose activity groups based upon their students’ interests, gender, grade or class and may divide them accordingly. For example, you may divide 40 students into two groups, one of 25 students, the other of 15 students.

Activities are divided into 5 different categories; Adventure and Teambuilding, Creative, Outdoor Educational and Recreational, Land Based and Water Based. All groups will have Creative, Outdoor Recreational and Land Based Programs scheduled for them, plus Ropes and Waterfront if requested.

The final four activity periods of the week are Elective Programming, whereby the students select the activities they would like to participate in. They may be from our regular programming or from our expanded arts and sports options.

To Check out our Guidelines for Enrollment or to print an Application, please download our Information Package!