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Song of the Week: Reena

August 16, 2018 at 2:54 pm

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2018 Camper Departure & Arrival Details

Date Session Applicable Depart from Silvercity Arrive at Silvercity
June 25 CIT session begins 1:00pm  
June 28 - Opening Day Full Season, July, July Plus & Two Weeks begin 1:00pm  
July 12 1st half of Two Weeks ends   11:00am
July 21 VISITOR'S DAY* Start: 10:30am End: 3:30pm
July 26 July & 2nd half of Two Weeks end   11:00am
  August & Dozen Days begin 2:30pm  
July 28 Wahano-One 8:00am approx. 9:00pm** 
July 30 Super Summer Sleepover begins 10:00am  
August 3 Super Summer Sleepover ends   11:30am
August 7 July Plus & Dozen Days end   11:00am
August 16 CIT, Full Season & August   10:30am

*Additional information regarding Visitors Day will be sent by e-mail to all families of July, July Plus and Full Season campers, as well as CITs, a week prior to Visitors Day.

**Wahano-One bus will return to the Home Depot parking lot located on the NW corner of Red Maple & Hwy 7, just east of Silvercity.