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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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2018 Summer Chronology

Camp Wahanowin's regular summer season is a little over four months long. Applicants may apply for all or part of this season. The following chronology outlines what programs occur throughout the season, what duties staff may be responsible for and when specific positions are needed. Use this as a guide when selecting the length of your employment.

Core Staff

Spring-only:  April 29 - June 24

Camp Wahanowin employs about fifty staff for our spring programs. Staff are recruited at colleges and universities from across Canada. The first two weeks of "Core Staff" involve extensive pre-camp clean-up, maintenance, building, repairing, painting, raking leaves and cleaning cabins, as well as program planning and staff training. Beginning in early May, our five week long Outdoor Education Centre opens and school groups from across Ontario come to camp for four or five day field trips. Wahanowin is proud to be able to provide a complete program itinerary for these groups; our staff run the entire program day from flagpole before breakfast until the end of evening program. Staff do not have a specific job title at this time: every staff member is responsible for and trained in all aspects of camp life. At this time you would be an activity instructor or leader in one or more areas offered. Some of these include; canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, environmental studies, ropes course, land sports, etc. As well, your responsibilities would include helping out in our Dining Hall and planning and implementing evening and special programs. In the middle of our school group season we host an eight day music camp sponsored by the Toronto District School Board; Music By The Lake. During this time, staff move into cabins to take on counselling duties and continue to be activity leaders and program planners. Our staff provide the "recreational" portion of this program and music faculty and aides come to camp to provide the musical instruction. Our Core Staff spring position finishes on June 24.

Camp Wahanowin

June 25 - August 16

Camp Wahanowin is the highlight of our summer season. Since 1955 we have been providing an exciting summer camp experience for children aged 6 to 15. Most of our campers are from the Toronto area, but many come from across Canada and the United States. We also welcome groups of international children from Mexico and Colombia. Our campers are predominately Jewish, but the camp itself is not religious. On Friday night we celebrate Shabbat and our meals are served Kosher-style (no pork or seafood, meat and dairy are not served at the same meal). There are three days of pre-camp training before the start of the eight weeks of Wahanowin. Our staff numbers increase to approximately 200 in total, comprised of counsellors, instructors and support staff. At this time all staff take on specific roles within the camp.

Core Staff

4 months:  April 29 - September 2

Our four month "Core Staff" work during the entire Wahanowin season. They arrive at camp when there may still be snow on the ground and finish when the fall season is about to begin. Duties are as outlined in "Core Staff - Spring Only" and "Camp Wahanowin". In addition, Core Staff work the final program, National Music Camp. The responsibilities and roles are similar to those of Music By The Lake. Staff live in as counsellors, lead activities, plan and run evening and special programs and assist with support areas as needed.

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