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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Miriam Balsam

Director of Special Programs

Education Status: 

Miriam has her Bachelor of Education from The University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University

Previous Camp Experience:

Miriam is a true Wahanowin Veteran having spent a total of 18 years at Wahanowin as a camper, a counselor, a Unit Head and Head Counselor.  

Favourite Camp Memories: 

BBs (1993) - Swimming in the Lake Couchiching deep end for the first time and passing my swim test.

Bears (1994) - Spending the last 4 days of camp in the Health Center with a fever and being accompanied by my new best friends, the Nurses, to watch my brother play guitar in "Tommy." 

Eagles (1995) - Cabin 11's pet spider who made beautiful webs using my lap desk and bed posts.

Seniors (1996) - Playing "Nukem Ball" everyday with my unit on the Volley Ball court in front of the Tuck Shop.

Grads (1997) - The bat story. (Must be told in person.)

PeeGees (1998) - Playing short stop on the 16 and under girls baseball team.

Alumni (1999) - Blue Color War Captain and WINNING.

LTP (2000) - Going out on the Waha Princess with my cabin and finding ourselves at the dock of a cottage where Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwall were quietly celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  They were lovely people!

Eagle Counselor (2002) - The entire experience of being a counselor.  And Spelly Jellies in the Tuck Shop.

Grad Counselor (2003) - Living and working with my best friends in cabin 27.

LTP Counselor (2004) - The LTP hiking trip.

Grad Counselor Again (2007) - Being Waha Olympiad captain and WINNING.

PG Unit Head (2008) - The PG canoe trip and breaking out into an impromptu jam session using anything we could find on the site as an instrument.

PG Unit Head (2009) - After the Grad/PG Show, Mamma Mia, when our units pranked Bruce during his post-play speech by breaking into a parody of "The Winner Takes It All" called "Chocolate Milk at Brunch."  (Now we have chocolate milk at brunch).

PG Unit Head (2010)  - When the PG Staff dressed up as Tour Guides and led the PG Unit on a Wahanowin Sightseeing Tour.

Head Counselor (2013) - Tornado Day.  Obviously.

Director of Special Programs (2014) - Singing in the Disney Medley at our 60th Anniversary Reunion

Director of Special Programs (2015) TBA

Favourite Camp Activity/Meal

Swim/Mac & Cheese