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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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2018 Staff Application Form

General Employee Information


Driver's License Class:

No License

Do you smoke?

Could you perform your duties for the entire program day without smoking?
Smoking is not permitted on camp outings or anytime when you are on duty.

Do you have any special dietary needs? (i.e. gluten-free, kosher, food allergies, etc.)


If yes, please Explain

What position(s) would you like to be considered for? Please be specific – applicants are selected to interview based upon the availability of the position to which you are applying for (in addition to experience, qualifications and references)

What duration of employment are you interested in?*

Spring Only (2 Months): April 29 - June 24
Spring Only + (3 Months): April 29 - July 26
Camp Wahanowin Only: June 25 - August 16
July Only (1 Month): June 25 - July 26
Entire Summer (4 Months): April 29 - September 2

Education Background

Are you planning to return to school following the summer?

Camp Background (if any)

As a Camper:

As a Staff:

Have you ever been charged or convicted of a criminal offence*?


If yes, please Explain

Do you have a current Police/background check?*

*All new staff are required to provide a Police/background check. (Returning staff that have not yet provided a Police/background check must do so.)

What qualifications do you currently hold? (must be valid throughout your employment and you must attach a photocopy to application)

Bronze Medallion
Bronze Cross
Red Cross Instructor
R.L.S.S. Instructor
R.L.S.S. Examiner
First Aid

Additional Information

Tell us briefly of any work experiences or training, which would be helpful in your job at camp.

What age groups of children/adults (if any) have you worked with before?

What age groups do you prefer working with?

Explain briefly why you would like to work at Camp Wahanowin.

Name any current or past Wahanowin staff you know

Camp Skills

Please rate the following skills: I - if you feel qualified or experienced to fill a position. A - if you are proficient enough to assist with the position


I A Aerobics
I A Baseball
I A Basketball
I A Football
I A Golf
I A Hockey
I A Martial Arts
I A Sailing
I A Soccer
I A Swimming
I A Tennis
I A Trapeze
I A Water Skiing
I A Weight Training


I A Arts and Crafts
I A Clay
I A Computer/Internet
I A Cooking
I A Costume Making
I A Dance
I A Drama
I A Painting
I A Photography
I A Pottery
I A Radio DJ/Tech
I A Technical A/V
I A Theatre Props/Sets
I A Web Page Design

Outdoor Pursuits/Environmental

I A Archery
I A Canoe Tripping
I A Canoeing
I A Fishing
I A Hiking
I A Kayaking
I A Mountain Biking
I A Natural Sciences
I A Riflery
I A Ropes/Belaying
I A Woodworking

Support Staff

Dining Hall

I A Dishwashing
I A Serving


I A Baking
I A Deep Frying
I A Food_Prep


I A Carpentry
I A Electrical
I A Landscaping
I A Plumbing
I A Standard Transmission
I A Tractor/Truck Driving


I A Cleaning
I A Laundry

Recent Employment Background


Give the names of three persons who are former employers or some other person who has had an opportunity to observe you in a working situation (relatives and friends are not acceptable references). If you have been staff at another camp, please include the name of the Director. We will be calling your references listed - please notify them of this.

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