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Frequently Asked Questions

Wahanowin receives in excess of 500 new job inquiries a season. Choosing the right summer camp for you is an important decision. Due to this fact, applicants ask many insightful questions which we have provided the answers to below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

How old are the majority of the counsellors?

Wahanowin strives to establish the perfect blend of young new staff with the knowledge and experience of our veteran staff. Our youngest staff must be a minimum of 17 years old, while other members of the Wahanowin team are in their mid twenties.

Do many staff return each year?

Working at Wahanowin is truly an amazing experience. Our staff love their jobs, and many return year after year. However, with over 200 staff on site turnover is inevitable. Many new staff are hired each season making Wahanowin their new summer home.

Do you require staff to hold C.P.R., First Aid or Life Guard certification?

A large percentage of our staff possess a variety of qualifications related to First Aid and Safety. As a member of our waterfront staff, employees must have a minimum of Bronze Cross. All swim staff hold current Instructor level qualifications.

How many counsellors are assigned to each cabin and is that our cabin for the entire summer?

A total of four staff (two counsellors and two specialists) live in each cabin with their campers. Cabin assignments ideally are for the entire summer, but due to a number of variables, staff sometimes move.

Can I keep food in my cabin?

The food at Wahanowin is delicious and plentiful. Food in the cabins attracts insects, animals and causes a tremendous amount of garbage. For these reasons, staff are not allowed to keep food in their cabins.  In addition, many campers have various food allergies, some of which are life threatening.  It is vital that we control the food coming into cabins and throughout camp since we advertise that we are nut-safe.  Even though it is tempting to treat yourself and campers with food, we ask that you respect this policy.

Is there staff programming at night after camper bedtime?

Wahanowin staff enjoy a number of privileges, including a reputation for excellent staff programming. Regular scheduled events each week (sports night, movie, campfire, junk food etc.) plus a big ticket item (Chez Waha, Luau, Haunted House, Dream of a Lifetime etc.) keep staff coming back for more.

How can I get my laundry done?

Staff may enroll in a laundry service which is contracted to an outside company. Approximately $12.50 per week pays for a full laundry service (wash, dry and fold), which is completed within a 24-hour period.

How do days off work at camp?

Staff receive one 24-hour day off per week (excluding the first and last week of our summer program) starting and ending at 6:00 p.m. Staff also have a one time opportunity for a double day off provided a day off is missed from the previous week.

Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

Staff are encouraged not to bring cell phones to camp. Cell phones may not be used during the day when staff are on duty and phones typically receive poor reception on site.

Is there computer or Internet access for staff?

Yes! Wahanowin has a state of the art computer room. Staff will have the ability to access the internet and email accounts. Registering for university courses and keeping in touch with family and friends has never been so easy.

Are visitors and friends allowed at camp?

Unfortunately with the large number of staff on site and the hectic pace of each day, visitors are a significant distraction. For this reason there is a strict no visitor policy. Instead we encourage staff to meet up with friends on days off.

Is there a staff curfew?

Camp days are very long and demanding. Maintaining the high energy required to perform at one's best necessitates sleep. To ensure everyone is getting enough rest a reasonable camp wide staff curfew is enforced.

What "stuff" do I need to bring to camp?

A big smile, lots of energy and a great attitude! But just in case you need some guidance on the other things to bring, view our staff manual.

How old are the campers and how long do they stay at camp?

Campers at Wahanowin are boys and girls from ages 6 to 15. Sessions for our older campers (11 to 15) are either one month or the full season. Our youngest campers have the option of a two-week starter program.

Is there a particular religious affiliation with your camp?

The majority of our campers and staff during the summer months are Jewish.  Each season we do hire non-Jewish staff and together we blend nicely to form our Wahanowin family.